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Welcome to Willow & Bramble Botanicals. Our quality filled gift boxes are bound to delight anyone with the pampering and detoxifying indulgences they offer. And with the demand for natural beauty solutions on the rise, our premium products are sure to put the biggest of smiles of the friends and family you have in mind. Because people are leading busier and crazier lives these days, who wouldn't welcome the chance to calm, renew, and rejuvenate from the daily stresses that have a way of accumulating over time. Our boxes are made of only the most organic, beautiful, and eco friendly packaging.
We use Reusable Glass Jars that is rare to find anywhere else in the industry. We package meticulously with attention to detail and care for our products. We want to make your loved one feel as special as they can with only the most professional, healing products available on the market.

Please put on Checkout what if you want Salts and scrub with shower bombs and greeting card- OR Salts, butter, bombs, and greeting cards, You can have any two of the larger items Butter, Salt, Scrub.

This basket comes with Your Choice Himalayan Lavender Bath Salts, Lavender Lemongrass Salt Scrub, Whipped Organic Lavender Body Butter, Rosemary Lavender Shower Bombs, Handmade Oatmeal Lavender Soap All organic made and packaged with the highest quality of packaging, including Reusable Glass Jars, and recyclable box, and handmade Greeting Card. ( If you want a custom box please contact us. We will happily exchange product between salts, scrub and butter)

All-Natural Beauty Gift Boxes include $155.00 VALUE for 50% off (Large Quantities in Glass Jars All Organic and ECO reusable Jars)

*Weighted Belgium Linen Lightly Scented Lavender Eye Pillow- We can also make these unscented if you need. $45.00 Value
*Lavender, Lemongrass Whipped Body Butter- Not Greasy as we add Arrowroot to keep it soft to the touch, but not greasy like most $25.00 Value
*Full-Sized Pink Himalayan Lavender Detoxifying Bath Salts(9 oz, most you find are 2-4 oz) These salts can accommodate 4 full spa days $20.00 Value
*Pink Himalayan Lavender Salt Glow Scrub- this is a 9 oz Jar- Great for Feet, Hands, Face, Elbows, and full body. Removes all dead skin cells, and rejuvenates body to feel as new. $25.00 Value
*Pore Minimizing Bentonite Clay Facial Mask- Clay facial mask is a pore exfoliate, it is strong, and works wonders! I would recommend a 10 min. spot check for this product just to make sure it is sufficient for your skin type. Best mixed with apple cider vinegar, or water. $15.00 Value
*Full-Size Organic Soap- handmade with the most love and attention to ingredient knowledge. We make this with oatmeal for full exfoliation and just the right amount of lavender for relaxation. $10.00 Value
*Lavender Lemongrass Shower Bombs- We can also substitute this for bath bombs. Please leave notes in Checkout $8.00
*Loofah Sponge- made In USA with only the most natural of materials $4.00 Value
*Enclosed Personal Card- We enclose this special card to write your personal message. They are tasteful and beautiful and made custom for your special Loved one. $3 Value


Certified organic Raw Shae Butter
Organic Himalayan Pink and White Sea Salt
Epson Salt
Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
Pure Baking Soda
100% organic Sweet almond Oil
Indian Healing Clay 100% organic Bentonite Clay
Vitamin E oil
Organic Lavender Essential Oil
Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil
Organic Rosemary