About Us

Agape Farm to Skin is a full scale botanical Farm. Through the study of botanicals, and healing herbs we have dedicated our time in finding the best and most effective organic blends that are both good for your skin with minimal in ingredients and fully Organic. Our true passion is bringing beautiful healing remedies to skin, body, and soul. We truly believe that there are natural remedies that cure every disease, or condition out there. We are happy to help you with you specific skin condition. Please contact us directly. We are truly Farm to Skin. From planting in early spring in our greenhouses to harvesting all summer long, we grow all of our own botanicals on Agape farm, and we create all of our own blends. We are very serious about where we source or ingredients if we don't grow them. It is important to us that everything is Organic and conditions on the farm are both eco- and humane. We have a cooperative of local organic farms we work with, and we work hard everyday to expand that outreach. It's important to support your local artisans, and farmers. In our case we are both! We believe it's just as important what you put on your skin as what you eat. We are a family of 7, We love the Lord, and we are excited to share some of the amazing farm techniques, and skin care products He has shown us to care for our clients. We are passionate about helping people so please if you have a great story please Post a Review we would love to hear it! Also, if you love our products and want to sell them, or share them please contact us for our Reward program at info@willowandbramble.com.